BCHS Launches New Aftercare Program

Our new Aftercare Program, part of BCHS’ Fresh Start Initiative, was launched in 2021 to help formerly homeless families who graduate from BCHS’ Arbor Inn Program to their own apartments in the community achieve stability and independence. Thanks to our new Aftercare Case Manager, families get dedicated support from BCHS for up to a year after moving out on their own. These services include monthly check-ins, help with challenges such as securing childcare, and a 24/7 hotline for information, referrals, and help in case of a crisis.  Emergency Financial Assistance is also be provided if needed for furniture and moving costs, apartment modifications, or to address a one-time housing emergency if other funds are not available.

In an effort to help bridge the digital divide and maximize educational and employment opportunities, participating families also receive a laptop or iPad upon graduation from BCHS, along with training on how to use common apps, platforms and software.

Helping young mothers and families on their path to healing and independence is how we can build stronger communities for us all.