The Scattered-Site Apartment Programs place 135 adults with serious mental illnesses into private apartments, located in private apartment buildings, in neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn. Staff then travel to the apartments to help residents learn how to live independently.

BCHS pioneered the scattered-site model of supportive housing, opening one of the first scattered-site apartment programs in the country in 1980. The program is overseen by the NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH).

Residents receive intensive support, including on-going case management, daily living skills training, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, medication management, vocational training, health services, recreational activities, and the development of socialization and self-advocacy skills.

All residents regularly come to the central office for support groups and other group and community

About the Apartments:

There are two types of scattered-site housing offered by BCHS: transitional and permanent. In our transitional program, individuals with intensive service needs receive a significant level of visitation and support from staff, with the goal of moving people on to greater independence. In our permanent program, individuals with a mental illness live either alone or with a roommate and receive regular but less intensive support.

During this past year, more than 95% of the residents of both the transitional and permanent Scattered-Site Programs successfully maintained their housing with the agency or moved on to greater independence.

Scattered-Site Apartment Resident

Scattered-Site Program Case Manager

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