A Fresh Start for Moms!

BCHS’ Arbor Inn — the agency’s program for homeless mothers with children — has seen a significant increase in the number of homeless moms struggling with mental illness in recent years.

To address these circumstances BCHS has been awarded a 3-year grant of $225,000 from The van Ameringen Foundation to develop its Fresh Start initiative, a unique effort that is designed to maximize the well-being, stability, and independence of the homeless families we serve.

Through Fresh Start, BCHS will hire an expert Family Clinician to work on the Arbor Inn team. The Family Clinician will provide therapy with mothers coping with mental illness and with their children, establish support groups for domestic violence survivors, and provide trainings and guidance to the Arbor Inn staff regarding mental health issues.

BCHS believes that homeless mothers who have a mental illness face acute challenges as they try and get back on their feet. In response Fresh Start will offer expert support in a compassionate and comforting way, just when it is needed the most.

Article by tarink