Rebecca and Jordan
Rebecca and her fiancé used to talk about buying a home. They were living together in an apartment, raising their young son Jordan and thinking about dates for their wedding. But then Rebecca’s fiancé lost his job and sank into a depression; he started to drink, and late one terrible night he became physically abusive with her. In the months that followed Rebecca couldn’t get him to stop and, fearing for Jordan’s safety, she fled. Rebecca and Jordan became homeless.

A City worker referred Rebecca to Arbor Inn, Brooklyn Community Housing and Services’ short-term housing program for homeless mothers with children. Rebecca was scared at first and didn’t know what to expect, thinking the other moms would be tough and unsympathetic. But to Rebecca’s surprise she quickly made friends, and found that she could turn to the other moms for warm and caring support. Jordan made friends too, and loved playing games in the courtyard which were organized by the Arbor Inn staff.

Rebecca worked with the staff to process her traumatic experience and restore her feelings of safety and self-esteem, and to sharpen her skills. She received additional training on the computer, and her case manager helped her update and polish her resume. She was even able to pick out a stylish business suit that had been donated by community volunteers and wore it when she began to interview. Rebecca was eventually hired as an administrative assistant for a good salary at a large firm in the City, and after many months of savings, found a sunny two-bedroom apartment in the Bronx. She and Jordan have been living happily on their own ever since.