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Provides housing and finds homes for nearly 1,000 formerly homeless women, children and men each year.

Helps 95% of its residents successfully maintain their housing with the agency or move on to greater independence.

Offers a unique program model that has been studied by government officials from throughout the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Pictured above: a formerly homeless BCHS resident takes part in the agency's gardening program.


$     45   BCHS Housing
$     79   Shelter
$   197   Prison
$   560   Psychiatric Hospital
$1,422   Hospital

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Charisse’s heart raced as she listened for her abusive husband’s footsteps in the hallway; she filled her son Devin’s backpack with clothes and his favorite toys, then led him by the hand out the door.

“Please,” she thought as she pushed the elevator button again and again, “let us get out of here before he comes home.”

Charisse and Devin made it out that night, only to find that the friends who had offered them a couch to sleep on were no longer willing to help. Charisse had been married for almost a decade and had needed all the courage she could summon to leave. Now, with no one else to turn to and nowhere else to go, she and Devin became homeless.

The Department of Homeless Services soon referred Charisse and Devin to BCHS’ Arbor Inn program. Once there, a case manager with a soothing voice immediately arranged for counseling to help Charisse cope with her feelings of anxiety and trauma. Charisse participated in support groups with the other moms, and the staff helped her create a resume and find employment for the first time in years. Devin made friends with some of the other children and loved the arts and crafts activities that were held in the courtyard.

Through much hard work Charisse earned a promotion into a full-time administrative assistant position, and the staff helped her create a household budget. After six months she was accepted into an affordable housing development in Brooklyn, and Charisse beamed with pride when she and Devin moved in. “Thanks to BCHS, I feel like I can live again.”

At BCHS we believe that everyone who comes through our doors can move from crisis to community just like Charisse and Devin. Along these lines I am happy to report that during this past year BCHS

reduced hospitalizations for our older residents by nearly 90%;

prevented evictions for more than 95% of the Brooklyn households that sought help through our new homelessness prevention program; and

placed more than 90% of the “housing ready” homeless families we worked with into permanent housing in the community.

It is the compassion and thoughtfulness of friends like you that makes our work possible. Please consider a donation to BCHS this holiday season so we can help many more people like Charisse and Devin in the year ahead. Thank you for your support, and for being part of the effort to end homelessness in Brooklyn. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!


Jeff Nemetsky

Jeff Nemetsky
Executive Director