BCHS programs prevent homelessness for 1,000 women, children and men each year, 412 per day.

Clients are referred from the shelter system, psychiatric facilities, hospitals and the community at large.

Our service demographic is representative of New York City's chronically homeless population.

Client Demographic:

Black: 68%
Latino: 25%
White: 6%
Other: 1%

18-30 years old: 23%
31-54 years old: 48%
55+ years old: 29%

Male: 52%
Female: 48%


Brooklyn Community Housing and Services (BCHS) offers a comprehensive range of services to address the diverse and complex issues facing the formerly homeless women, children and men we assist.

Our programs provide short-term, transitional and permanent housing, homelessness prevention, personalized case management, mental health care, on-site nursing, vocational training, substance abuse counseling, recreational activities and other vital services.

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