During BCHS' 2012 fiscal year, 20 new residents moved into Oak Hall.

During BCHS' 2012 fiscal year, 18 Oak Hall residents moved to alternative housing, with many obtaining permanent housing with Section 8 subsidy.

Nursing services at Oak Hall have significantly helped the geriatric population manage their health and well-being.

Among geriatric residents, in-patient hospitalizations for medical purposes have decreased by 94%, from 467 annually to 31 during BCHS' 2011 fiscal year.


Oak Hall is a permanent housing, single-room-occupancy (SRO) facility serving 74 men and women who have been homeless or are at high risk of homelessness. The majority of Oak Hall residents also have chronic mental illnesses.

Clients are referred to Oak Hall by the NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS) and partnering community based agencies.

The program offers housing and a range of services including case management, vocational training, recreation, socialization, mental health care, on-site nursing and substance abuse counseling.

Specialized services are also offered to ex-offenders and formerly homeless seniors living at Oak Hall through the Model SRO demonstration initiative.