97% of Model SRO residents successfully maintained their housing in 2011.

In-patient hospital stays for older residents were reduced by 86% in 2014.

Since the Model SRO program started in 2006, it has saved over $3 million in taxpayer dollars by offering a much more cost-effective option to jails, shelters and hospitals for participating residents.


The Model SRO Demonstration Program provides specialized services to formerly homeless seniors, and to individual adults who are returning to the community after incarceration.

These residents work closely with a Geriatric Case Manager or Forensic Case Manager who assists their transition from homelessness and isolation to stability and community. Older residents benefit from on-site nursing, wellness and exercise activities, bereavement counseling and dementia screening.

Formerly incarcerated residents benefit from employment counseling, social skills training, a weekly Re-Entry Support Group, and a Clinical Consultant with expertise in mental health treatment for ex-offenders.