Brooklyn Gardens is home to the following programs:

Arbor Inn short-term housing for formerly homeless mothers, each with a small child.

Ivy House transitional housing for adults with psychiatric disorders requiring intensive supervision and care.

Oak Hall Single Room Occupancy (SRO) facility for adults, the majority of whom have a mental illness and/or history of substance abuse.

Model SRO for formerly homeless seniors, and for ex-offenders returning to the community.


Brooklyn Gardens provides short-term, transitional, and permanent housing for 180 formerly homeless New Yorkers. Because each building opens into a common courtyard with benches, chess tables, and gardens, the physical space encourages social interaction, and allows residents to develop a real community.

There are three housing programs located within Brooklyn Gardens: Arbor Inn, Ivy House and Oak Hall. To learn more about these programs (as well as the "Model SRO" demonstration), please see the links on the left.