BHAC Eviction Prevention Program assists single adults and families in Brooklyn who can demonstrate that they are at risk of losing their housing within 60 days. BHAC Prevention includes:

  • Case Management
  • Training Programs
  • Housing Library
  • Apartment Searches
  • Legal Help
  • Mediation
  • Financial Assistance

97% (390 of 402) of clients discharged had evictions successfully averted in Fiscal Year 2014.

A total of 591 clients were served in Fiscal Year 2014, with 402 discharges and 189 still active as of June 30th.


The Brooklyn Housing Assistance Center (BHAC) is designed to prevent homelessness for people who are presently living in stable housing but are facing a crisis that is putting their housing at risk.

The BHAC works as an eviction prevention initiative to help single adults and families in Brooklyn avert homelessness.

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Brooklyn Housing Assistance Center (BHAC)
25 Chapel St, Suite 1200 Brooklyn, NY 11201
Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mon.-Fri. (except holidays)
Phones: (718) 340-3841, (718) 852-9322 / Fax: (718) 852-2748