42 clients from Arbor Inn successfully transitioned to stable, independent housing during BCHS' 2012 fiscal year.

100% (49 of 49) of "housing ready" homeless families at Arbor Inn were placed into permanent housing during BCHS' 2014 fiscal year.

Average time to placement was 8 months.


Arbor Inn offers short-term housing for 44 mothers, each with one child up to the age of eight. Families are referred to Arbor Inn by the NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS).

We offer a secure environment where homeless women begin to stabilize their lives, learn to use community resources, obtain quality health care for themselves and their children, and develop job skills.

Residents receive assistance that includes case management, on-site child care and nursing, vocational training, and counseling. BCHS staff members help Arbor Inn moms find permanent jobs and permanent housing.